(pronounced Ray-key) Reiki is a simple way to access the ‘Universal Life’ energy around us for healing and harmony. It accelerates the body’s own natural healing abilities on all levels and encourages a state of joy and well being. The nature of Reiki is to restore balance and harmony within our hectic, stressful lifestyles, and as such it is totally safe and complementary to every and any form of treatment, be it alternative, complementary, or conventional. It will enhance the positive benefits of any treatment, and can negate some of the harmful side effects some conventional medicine may cause, and speeds up the healing process, or use Reiki as an excellent preventative measure and it will keep you in a state of optimum health and well being. During the treatment hands are placed gently and passively on 12 different positions of the body. Hands are kept still so it is not like a massage and Reiki can be given through clothing or even a plaster cast!.


Throughout history many races have known of the existence of Universal ‘Life Force’ Energy that can dramatically benefit the quality of life. Various teachings have evolved to access this energy but many of them require years of personal dedication and practice. REIKI (pronounced Ray-Key) is a system of accessing this energy which is natural, simple, safe and instant.


Nobody really knows, but it is said it can be traced back to ancient Tibet and that the techniques are recorded in ancient Sanskrit writings. More recently, in the late 1800’s a Japanese doctor named Mikao Usui rediscovered that it is possible to re-attune a person to harness this potential, thus enabling them to heal themselves and any other person, animal or plant they wished to. He called this system REIKI – the Japanese word for Universal Life force. Amongst the Masters to whom he taught the technique of passing on this system was a woman named Hawayo Takata who introduced REIKI to the Western world in the late 1970’s. Since then its popularity and appeal has attracted much attention from people of all walks of life.

Whilst its roots are to be found in ancient mysticism the techniques used are based on proven scientific principles which makes REIKI one of the fastest growing and most effective tools which are available to help us.


No. It bears no relation whatsoever to any specific cult, religion or belief system. It will work independently of whatever your beliefs or preferences. It also works equally well on animals and plants, which probably don’t have any religious preference or belief system.


Our bodies have remarkable healing capabilities. However with our hectic lifestyle and all the stress and trauma around, we move our bodies out of their natural balance and slow the process down considerably. Reiki is a harmonious energy and will work on all levels, physical, mental / emotional, and causative, to help bring the body back into a state of balance and wholeness promoting the bodies own natural healing functions and accelerating that process. As REIKI enhances the effectiveness of all other therapies it is totally complementary.

· Accelerates the natural healing process by harmonising the bodies energies. · Dramatically reduces stress and tension · Increases energy and vitality · Effectively treats sports injuries, burns, cuts, bruises, stings, headaches, emotional disorders and other acute and chronic health problems · Reduces pain and side effects from drugs · Enhances the beneficial effects of all other therapies and meditations · Restores the whole person to a state of harmony and balance · Enhances your creative, intuitive and intellectual abilities

· Enables one to take responsibility for their own health and well-being · Raises self esteem and personal awareness · Improves the memory


Because the nature of REIKI is to restore balance and harmony Reiki is totally safe and will enhance the positive benefits of every form of treatment be it orthodox, alternative, natural or complementary. Conventional / orthodox medicine is able to do some wonderful things (e.g. chemotherapy etc.) but there may be some negative side effects, REIKI will help to reduce these, so seriously ill patients can continue to receive orthodox treatment and still use Reiki to help improve their recovery.


A Reiki treatment lasts 1 hour and is the physiological equivalent to 3-4 hours sleep which makes it an excellent stress reducer.  During a treatment hands are placed gently and passively on different positions on the body.  Hands are kept still so it is not like a massage, and Reiki can be given through clothing or even a plaster cast!!.


You don’t have to be ill to get better!!

Why wait until you have symptoms of dis-ease before you start to do something about your health.  Reiki is an excellent preventative measure, and will keep you in optimum health and well being.


1hr treatment                                                                 £40

3 x 1hr course (Recommended)                                  £105


Christine Watson-Bartlam – Traditional Reiki Master

Nicky has received first degree Reiki attunement from Elaine Harris, and second degree Reiki from Alan Mason, both Traditional Reiki Masters. Plus additional Reiki tuition From Christine Watson-Bartlam – Traditional Reiki Master.


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